Charity Review

This is a service which we offer charities at a fixed price of £500.

Typically, we would visit the organisation, meeting with key members of management.

(chair person, treasurer/secretary, manager of operation, other key staff as required)

We would then produce a detailed report including observations and recommendations.

The Charity Review is a health check whereby the consultant determines the current state of management and operational standards in relation to its:

  • compliance with legal requirements
  • quality of its methods compared against good practice approaches
  • management of its services, its staff and volunteers, including its internal communication and working relationships
  • external communication, image, profile with service users, its community, the public, partner organisations
  • relevance of, and need and demand for, its services
  • practice and training requirements of its managing body
  • internal structure, systems, policies, procedures and working processes
  • potential to successfully apply for funding from any grant aiding body/agency
  • ability to plan effectively for its future

From the Review, the consultant will have identified its current areas of good practice and quality of operations.

In addition, the charity will benefit from the joint assessment with the consultant of its need for improvement, development and/or change, and its ability to embark on these.

The organisation may follow up with a Capacity Building assignment to carry out the changes or developments, which the Review has identified as necessary or desirable.

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