Strategic Planning

Planning - Why Bother?

A prudent captain would study his maps and charts before setting sail on a voyage to a known destination.

During the voyage, he will check his position constantly to ensure that he is not off course and will take corrective action if he encounters a storm.

Running a business is like sailing a ship: the destination is money and the measurement is how well you are doing in terms of profit and cash-flow compared to plan.

Unless this information is available then corrective action cannot be taken to avoid hitting the rocks!

How Can We Help You?

We are specialists in producing strategic, marketing and financial plans which would be used typically for:

Managing the progress of a business and obtaining new finance from banks, local authorities, business angels etc. Among various techniques, we identify the evolution of any product or service to ensure that customers’ needs are not only met but exceeded.

Level A – Baseline

What can be done or supplied now.

Level B – Bridging

What you can promise. We map out the milestones needed to achieve your ultimate objective.

Level C – Vision

What would give the ‘wow’ factor.

Are you and your staff coping with change in your organisation? We will assist in developing procedures and processes to ensure that motivation is maintained – which is essential for team working when the going gets tough.


We’ll give fair impartial advice and we may even tell you it’s not worth doing it or how to do it cheaper.


As a Chartered Accountant practice, we are able to provide all accounting, tax and payroll support services.

3rd Sector

We carry out capacity building in scores of charities and social enterprises across Scotland.

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