Business Coaching

Coaching is about helping business people to find solutions to problems being experienced through a one to one session or sessions to enhance performance and learning ability.

The sessions are dynamic interactions between the coach and coachee producing a two way flow of discussion in a structured way using proven coaching techniques and tools.

Although the coach will have relevant experience to bring to the session, he will help to generate feedback from the coachee on blockages to achieve outcomes and identify realistic ways forward to achieving the identified goal(s).

Skills and skill gaps will be discussed including experience, understanding and perception of role in organisation.

Willingness to achieve the desired outcomes is also an important aspect of the exercise to engender confidence and security in completing a professional job.


Our approach to all assignments is to ensure that the client maximises the control of his/her business activity by passing skills and knowledge to improve capabilities through teaching and advising.

This reduces the time and cost of using the consultant and allows the business owners to apply proven techniques whether planning, marketing, accounting and financial control.

We help clients to improve awareness of their business environment, understand how to differentiate from competitors and set and achieve goals.

We guide clients in building short, medium and long-term plans. Not just financial planning but identifying profitable markets and how to access them.

We look at how to move from the present state of any business or start-up to a desired state.

Our company Business Growth Consultancy Ltd formed in October 1997, is the vehicle we use to carry out these assignments and can be accessed by email or telephone 0141 570 1315


We’ll give fair impartial advice and we may even tell you it’s not worth doing it or how to do it cheaper.


As a Chartered Accountant practice, we are able to provide all accounting, tax and payroll support services.

3rd Sector

We carry out capacity building in scores of charities and social enterprises across Scotland.

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